Pharmacy Billing Guide for Minnesota

This guide will help you navigate the clinical service reimbursement opportunities in Minnesota and how to get involved in billing for:

  • Direct patient care services
  • Care coordination

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Sneak peek of the Pharmacy Billing Guide

Pharmacy Billing Guide for Minnesota

For over 30 years, clinical service reimbursement has been available to pharmacists in Minnesota for the state Medicaid population.

But only a small portion of pharmacists in Minnesota currently participate in these programs, despite a vast range of services covered and eligible population.

The guide will empower YOU to understand the full spectrum of clinical service reimbursement opportunities in your state and how to get involved.

What to expect in this guide:

  • Instructions on payer program enrollment

  • Identifying eligible patients

  • Services eligible for reimbursement

  • Tips and tricks on required documentation

  • Billing instructions

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